"The abundance of history, diversity and variety is only matched by its unmitigated scale."

—Sage Vashishtha

aham brahmasmi

If there is one location that matches architectural scale with rich history, Sringeri temple in the Western Ghats has to be it. Built in the 16th century by Sankaracharya, this is where the concept of I, Me was born,

Shot handheld during the monsoon season just before a heavy downpour whiplashed my face and lens.

Sringeri temple, South India - f/11 24mm 160

the first light

Deep in the north, tucked inside the valley is a Buddhist town, Dharamshala. They say Dalai Lama had a second enlightenment here.

Having reached my AirBnB the previous night, what I wasn’t aware of or prepared for was waking up the majestic mountain and light. For nearly an hour, I saw the sun peeking through the valley and kissing the forehead of the village. Almost symbolic of the enlightenment that lay in store for the blessed ones|

Dharamshala, North East India - f/11 24mm 160