"Waking up in India is waking up to life itself"


Having been born and brought up in India, it will be a fallacy if I deny the influence its culture and vibrancy had had on my mental milieu. As I reflect on my journey and the various escapades, what has amazed me is the dichotomy - the dichotomy of religions, of cultures, of music, of wealth, of thought! And how you derive meaning and become a whole amidst this cacophony . As Anita Desai famously said ‘Whereever you go becomes a part of you somehow’. The images presented here are my attempt at capturing this dichotomy.

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Yaksha - From Dusk to Dawn

Karnataka, August 2019

An artist getting ready to perform the Yakshagana (Song of the Gods), an ancient musical theater form presented in the southern part of Karnataka.


Dharamshala, October 2017

This hillside city is a couple of hours from the hustle and bustle of Amritsar and the spiritual center for Tibetan Buddhism. At around 5.00am, I stepped out of my room to watch the sun’s rays kiss the little village set up on top of the mountains. Those few hours will remain etched in my memory as one of Enlightenment.