"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf becomes a flower"


It is mid-September. It is a serene morning with freshly minted morning mist, colors splattered all around like the palette of a painter. It is fall in New England. The images below are memories - memories of my travels through windy roads of Vermont, crisp hikes into the white mountains of New Hampshire and everything in between.

Thanks for looking!


West Virginia, October 2021

It was 5.00am. I marched along with a few other passionate photographers to the top of the view point. Golden hour was in an hour, the cold was creeping through our veins but the hope kept me warm and cozy. As the first rays of the sun kissed the scattered clouds, I knew the Sun God had finally smiled on me. Scattered light sprinkled across an inversion of clouds etched an eternal sunshine in my spotless mind!


White Mountains, NH, September 2022

Deep through the mythical forest, past the cobwebs and black river, and beyond the misty mountains lies the path to Rivendell. Taken past dusk on a fall day where it was just me, the sound of the waterfalls and the slow breeze gently caressing the leaves.


West Virginia, September 2021

It was hidden deep in the woodlands and the only source of direction was our guide and the sound of flowing waters. It grew louder and louder as we moved along. I really loved this composition as it felt like the water was the queen of the jungle and all the subjects - the green moss, orange and yellow leaves, the rock were gathered around the queen.


West Virginia, September 2021

Taken on the same day as Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind. I must have spent nearly 3 hours that morning just mesmerized by the dazzling display of golden hour and the clouds that kept passing through and getting lit by the rays. Like a passage of time.

Sleeping Marigolds

Mount Mansfield, Stowe, October 2022

Sometimes the most serene visuals reside right next to buzzing highways. I had pull to the side of the road and use my 500mm lens to focus on this section of Mount Mansfield. The clouds and the sun rays were playing hide and seek. Almost felt like a sea of marigolds resting. Sleeping.