The Expanse!

the silence

the lull

the whispering peace

and then I hear the wallowing noise

like the one from a violin by a novice

like a sobbing child

or that of a voodoo king!

soon, the snow dust rises

into the sky they fly

it’s all gray now

it’s all hopeless

from here it looks like an army

the vast white expanse thumping mightily

possibly announcing an impending

storm, a thunder, a monstrous war

the golden eye of the beast burns

with its gaze spread far and wide

like a mighty fire it rages

like a mighty wave it moves its men



and the red devils

are we ready for it?

mind is gushing with fear

bleak pain

and adrenaline!

are we ready for it?

only courage will prove!

only blind belief will aid!

only time will tell!

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