Musings about "Omana Penne" song by Rahman Sir

There are certain aromas, fragrances that linger along, long after they are gone. Some ragas to me are like that. Take Bilahari, for instance and the sing, Omana Penne that is based on this raga. It is a beautiful example of a adopting an already beautiful raga and building layers and layers of sounds to it. It is complex, yet so mellifluous. There is ambition, yet no arrogance!

In fact construct after construct displays layers of brilliance that soon after you wonder about the beautiful synergy of the nadaswaram comes the soft but subtle voice of Vasantha Menon singing a verse in Malayalam. It is almost as if instruments, sounds and tunes are all trying to vie the attention of the mistress but in a synchronous, ecstatic manner. How else does one describe the nadaswaram interludes in the second verse that just suddenly appears and continues with us till the end of the journey? And the Malayalam interludes that layered on top of this, cradling our senses like the smell of a fresh fragrance.

And then you hear the Ghatam and Nadaswaram competing to gain attention!

This song is a tonic, an addictive one for sure but one that emanates a unique but beautiful taste the more you drink it! How does He do it?

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