I see an ant right below

Second guessing if it should move

Forward or backward

Lady in the red sweater just got up

To stretch her legs, I thought!

Instead she gave a loud yawn

That made us all yawn

Alright then! Shouted the stout fella

Huffing and puffing

And having difficulty turning

He resigned back into his cushy mushy chair

Mr. Alejandro from Brussels

With a beard like a bunch of petals

Just got up

He walked around and tidied up

His long stretching cable wire

Finally, the bald one lifted his head

Like a turtle peeking out of its shell

Or a rolling coconut shell

He snarked, pouted and moaned

Pout pout fish, I remembered

2.19 and now 2.20

Time just moves along

At a snails pace

To a boring place

With people confused and dazed!

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